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What pool vacuums/ cleaners works with Intex above ground pools? I have an Intex Ultra Frame pool with filter pump model 635 (1500 gph). Are there any affordable pool vac’s that will work with my pool. I was told at the pool store that none of the hoses that come with the common on the market pool vac’s will work with my pool. Even Intex makes one but the filter pump must be at least 2000 gph. Please help- I’m tired of using the garden hose type vacuum. Points for best answer!

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  • scubabob:

    Have a glance at a Polaris 65.
    Your local pool shop should be able to get one in for you, since most deal Polaris or at least the good ones do. This is a pressure side cleaner, not a suction based one, so it’s a little more forgiving of smaller pool pumps and will definitely work for you. I’m just not sure what your budget is though since Polaris cleaners tend to be a little more than other makes, but get what you pay for and Polaris is one of the leaders in the industry.

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