Which automatic pool cleaner is better kreepy krauly or polaris

Which automatic pool cleaner is better, kreepy krauly or polaris? I need to buy an auotmatic pool cleaner. I’ve heard some bad things about the polaris and I’m thinking of going with the kreepy krauly instead.

Has anyone used these? Which one will last longer and work better?

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  • windancerhil:

    Two different animals. Kreepy is a suctiom side cleaner. Polaris is pressure side. Polaris makes a bunch of models. Choosing which one is best for you is a challenge in itself. (Polaris also makes a suction side unit, by the way.) Personally I much prefer Kreepy over Polaris. It is simpler. Has one moving part. Easier to repair. Average repair is much cheaper than Polaris. Frankly, when I had my pool store I finally quit selling Polaris products. I wasn’t happy with the overall quality of the units. Every one I sold became more of a liability for the store. I’d opt for Kreepy if I were you.

  • C F:

    I have had a Polaris for 5 years and think it is AWSOME! It keep the entire pool clean.

  • matt:

    kreepy crawly sucks because its a suction side cleaner (rendering your skimmer useless when you use this cleaner), but its cheaper. the polaris 165 is a pressure side cleaner and a vac-sweep– it vacuums and sweeps the debris towards the bottom drain. additionally, it attaches to the returns on the wall of the pool so you can still have the skimmer working while the cleaner is working. both of these are powered by water pressure alone.
    the polaris 360 is crap. the 380 has its own motor and is excellent. the new 480 is good too. if you are willing to pay for the 380 or the 480, you might as well get a Dolphin (or aquabot) and not have to worry about replumbing the water and electrical connections for the 380 or the 480.

  • SuziQ:

    My sister has the Alligator one, what ever that is. It works great! Her pool water always looks so nice and clean

  • scubabob:

    Either are good cleaners. Kreepy is a suction based and Polaris ( sorry windancer) can be either suction or pressure side. They have both methods. Both have advantages and disadvantages.
    Polaris: Pressure model is the most expensive of the cleaners. Relies on a separate pump and plumbing to run. Imagine a 3 wheeled car running around the pool bottom, with a small bag attached, for debris collection. Nothing gets back to the pump basket or into the filter, it’s all caught in the bag, except for very fine debris (anything smaller than sand), which the tail sweeps up into the water column for the skimmer to get eventually. Does a good job cleaning. Disadvantages, price, wheel bearings need servicing once a year, cost of electrical to run another pump. Servicing can be done by the homeowner that is a handyman.
    Polaris: Suction side model is comparable in price to the kreepy. It’s similar to the Pressure model in appearance but lacks the debris collection bag. Runs on suction and plugs into the skimmer or wall suction if the pool is equipped. Comes with a regulator valve that fits in the skimmer, to allow the skimmer to function AND the cleaner to work. When they are working, they work well. Down side is debris on pool bottom gets deposited in pump basket or filter as there’s no separate collection bag.Also the unit is quite complex, I’ve had issues with debris such as acorns jamming up the turbine inside the unit. Servicing is not very homeowner friendly.
    Kreepy: Suction side cleaner that can operate on a wall suction ( if installed) or the skimmer, comes with a regulator to allow skimmer action as well as cleaner suction if used in the skimmer.. The fewest moving parts of the 3. Just a hammer inside. New models have a nasty tendency to blow the hammer apart if your suction is too strong, so use that regulator. Does a good job of cleaning the pool, fairly reliable, many accessories availiable for problem shaped pools ( ie ladder guards, back up valves, etc) Downside, hey, it’s a suction cleaner, the stuff goes to the equipment. Also, if you are using it in a concrete pool, the Pleat (skirt) will wear out in a season, requiring replacement ( 100 bucks ). Servicing is very home owner friendly.
    So in a nutshell. If your pool is concrete and you can afford the best, go with the polaris pressure operated. A Kreepy will be fine too, but it’ll need that pleat replaced ocassionally.
    If your pool is a vinyl one, I’d go with the Kreepy, Polaris have a lot of work to do with their suction side cleaner before I can endorse it.
    Theres two other types of widely avaliable suction cleaner called a Barracuda, and a Hayward Navigator The Barracuda is serviceman’s nightmare and the bain of the parts department.When they work, they work ok, not well, just ok
    The Hayward Navigator is actually the old Arneson Pool Vac under a new name They work well in most, but not all pools. They have an annoying habit of getting their rear intake screens clogged, stopping the turbine that turn the unit, making it go in a straight line only. It hits the wall and that’s it.
    Both of these cleaners are comparable in price to the other suction cleaners. Servicing. The barracuda is somewhat home owner friendly, the Navigator is not at all friendly.
    Hope this helps.

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