How long do a vacuum pool cleaner cleans the pool

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I just bought an inground vacuum for my pool.?

It is a baracuda zodiac g4. anyone have any opinions on it? I have a 20×40 pool and I was also wondering how long it could take to clean that!

Any info would be greatly appreciated! thanks!

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2 Responses to “How long do a vacuum pool cleaner cleans the pool”

  • Michael C:

    I have the G3 and it works great. I have a 15×30 pool and it stays very clean. I run it 5 hours a night. The only thing you should have to replace is that one moving part inside. I have to replace it every other year or so. You should notice the hose jerking while it is running. When it stops jerking or slows down a lot it is time to replace that part. Overall it was well worth the money.

  • Uncle Johnny:

    Sounds like Michael knows his Barracuda ! If you need to know about your pool water, go to they have a great page on it.

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