Mustard algae in swimming pools

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I have a mustard algae problem. I am able to kill it easily but it settles down to the bottom of the pool like a white cloud and when I try to vacuum it up it stirs up in the pool and my filter will not trap it. Is there anyway to get the bottom of my pool clean without draining and refilling?
I have gone to 2 different pool stores. bought tons of chemicals and nothing works and the “professionals” can offer no solution.

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  • scubabob:

    With mustard algae you need to use a decent algacide. Using Methyl ( usually blue in colour) won’t cut it. You need a polyquat. Polyquats are more expensive but actually do the trick when combined with keeping a 3.0 chlorine residual, brushing and then vaccing the pool to waste if your is a sand filter, which I assume it is if dead algae is eventually making it’s way back through the returns. Just remember when you vac to waste, you’re going to be using up pool water so pre fill the pool almost up to the top of the skimmer mouth so that when you’re done vaccing, the water level will be at about the normal level. Ohh, and don’t forget to roll out your backwash hose. That’s where that debris and water you vac will be going.
    In any event, there’s no need to dump an entire pool to fix this. Get your water in balance, hit it with the algacide, give it a day, brush, give it a few hours and then vac to waste. Repeat if required. It should be eliminated within a week.

  • Anonymous:

    go to stores that specialize in pools the have chemicals for that

  • Tom Roberts:

    It sounds like you have killed the algae, now you need to get rid of it without it coming back in to your pool. If you have a sand filter, you should be able to change your valve to waste, and vacuum to waste. Top up your pool first so you will have enough water to circulate once you have finished vacuuming.

    Hope this helps!

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