How to remove fine silt from the bottom of swimming pool?

I have a small pool and there’s a very fine silt settling on the bottom. I’ve tried using the pool vacuum to clean it, but the vacuum just stirs it up. While the filter is cleaning out a lot of it, it seems that most of it just ends up settling on the bottom again. I go through endless cycles of trying to vacuum with unsatisfactory results, and stirring the water to keep the stuff moving so the filter can have a chance to catch it. It seems my attempts are futile. Any ideas?

Pool Information:
– 10’diameter, 4′ deep (inflatable)
– Hard water (bacterial iron)
– Filters have been changed every 2 weeks (more if needed)
– Clarifies was added to try to get rid of the silt

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3 Responses to “How to remove fine silt from the bottom of swimming pool?”

  • DeeDee:

    I had this problem with my pool. It turned out that a part in the filter had a small crack, allowing the sand to continue to shoot out in the return water. You can vacuum it up, but continues to shoot back out. You will have to have the part replaced, which was under $30 in my case.

  • Kalidasa:

    Hire a mexican.

  • Uncle Johnny:

    It sounds like your filter is not very effective, but I would just ignore it. A small pool is harder to keep clean than a big one.
    I would stay away from so called clarifiers. Go to they have an excellent page on pool water. If you want to go to the trouble, you might get somebody to hold a towel in front of the water return jets while somebody else is vacuuming. That will catch anything not being caught by the filter.

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